Australian investors face a challenging investing environment brought on by years of historically low interest rates, volatile equity markets and elevated real estate prices. Finding meaningful, stable income is not a trivial matter.

Global Credit Investments (GCI) seeks to identify short-duration credit investment opportunities where we can use rich data to assess the quality and price of the credit as well as negotiated credit enhancements to reduce the risk of capital loss. This allows us to structure highly diversified portfolios that can provide investors with stable income and preserve capital even in times of heightened macroeconomic stress.



Who are we?

Global Credit Investments (GCI) is an Australian fixed-income and credit fund manager established in 2015 focused on providing investors with stable income derived from short-duration, structured credit investments. 

Our team brings local and international financial and entrepreneurial expertise at the highest levels to an asset class that delivers excellent returns with low volatility. 


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