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At GCI we know there are outstanding investment opportunities that have long been inaccessible to everyday investors. Factors such as ongoing increases in bank regulation, improvements in technology and availability of credit data as well as a range of market forces are changing the investment landscape and opening these opportunities to non-bank investors

GCI acquires short-term credit from originators (such as specialty finance companies and technology-enabled originators) to generate stable returns for our investors. We seek originators with a strong track record, the ability to provide rich data and the systems and processes to allow us to choose, access and monitor the performance of the credit we acquire.


Assets that GCI does or would acquire include consumer installment loans, leases, invoice finance, small business loans and short-term mortgages.


Marketplace lending

Advances in technology have allowed marketplace lending platforms to mimic a bank's ability to source and originate credit. These platforms have opened up an entirely new asset class where investors are able to "cherry-pick" the type of loans they want to invest in depending on their asset class preference and risk tolerance amongst many other factors.


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